Vickie Gay is a Gifted Medium that Reunites Families & Friends with Those That Have Crossed Over.
Vickie Gay sees what others can not see. She has visions, feels, & hears spirits ~ Angels assisting you for a better life here on earth. Talk to your crossed over loved ones. They are in a different vibration. They are not dead.
Connections with guides and teachers in spirit for answers to every day endeavors. With a glimpse of the future you can make wiser decision and move forward fearless.
• Vickie has assisted the FBI with missing person cases.
• Solved murder cases.
• Helped families in emergency situations with her gift of
  remote viewing.
• Sent telepathic messages in times of need.
• Sent Healing energy to the sick and troubled.
• Warned of upcoming events to prevent negative outcomes.
Answers to your questions, solutions to problems, spirit has the answers, your angels want to help you. Connections with your past over loved ones, getting in touch, feeling the love, closure to the unknown Information and Experiences to create your Heaven here on Earth.
Vickie has a sense of balance and harmony. She has always had psychic abilities and interested in metaphysics. She is steadfast and discipline in the realms of the spiritual
Vickie Gay Medium certified by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches - the oldest and most respected Spiritualist organization. She communicates with people that have passed/crossed over, spirit guides, and spirit healer. The way Vickie Gay does this is by focusing, centering and opening up the World of Spirit. She is good hearted and it is easy for her to extend warmth and affection to others. She has a powerful spiritual connection and through mediumship she shares this spiritual energy with the world. 


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Vickie on TV Show
Vickie on TV News Stations in Reno, NV
Channel New 2  News 4  News 8 and Face The State
TV Show FACE THE STATE interview by Bill Brown

 RELUCTANT SPIRIT by Kathleen Berry 
  FINDING VERN by Darcy Bellows
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Vickie Gay humbly says, “I was born with this gift,”. She says she inherited psychic abilities from her mother, who had the potent sanguine blend of Apache and Spanish. Vickie had a number of striking experiences as a child but, in her family, paranormal experiences weren’t unusual.... 

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2014 is a year of test and choice between dark and light. Some of you may literally be in areas that are dark to be quickly correct with lamps and such. Others will be in dark as in negativity that is testing your strength to fight for who you really are. 

Those of you that have good karma will be tested in taking responsibility in doing what is takes to bring yourself to a higher place in life. This is getting you out of your comfort zone. 

Many light workers will realize happiness in engaging the work of a light worker with discovery of why they are here on earth.

Vickie Gay
Psychic Medium